Dominik Kozicki appeared on the musical stage in 2006 as one of the performers of the student percussion group of the Musical Academy in Poznań, having the compositions of the percussion classical music in their repertoire. But his musical interest go beyond the academic walls. In his home studio he creates projects of percussion music which are characterised by wide tone colour, rhythmicality and stylistic diversity. Dominik is a searching musician. He is fascinated by various styles and playing with sound. He draws his inspirations from the surrounding nature and sounds of instruments. The sound aspects of an instrument are the ones that decide about the choice of style while creating a new composition. The musician is faithful to the keyboards. An electronic piano, synthesizer are his other passions which he develops in his free time – most frequently at night when the principles of social coexistence reduce the possibility of playing the dynamic drums. His love to electronic music arouse inn his childhood when Dominik discovered family audio tapes with the recordings broadcast at the end of the 1980s by Channel III of the Polish Radio. Since 2002 Dominik has also composed electronic music. A part of his compositions was included in the promotional copies of the album titled “The Windows of Time”, put out by the “KK&D Records” Record Company. This music reveals the romantic, slightly melancholic soul of this creative author and performer.

In 2011 he implements the scheme of recording his next album with rock recordings of the late 60s’ and 70s’. The project has been designed to save the wonderful music of acclaimed artists including: Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Brainbox, Breakout, Czerwone Gitary. Dominik recorded an album in collaboration with vocalists and musicians of different generations from the local music stage. Premiere of the album was preceded by the release of his single with awakening feeling version of Krzysztof Klenczon song “My z XX wieku” (We from XX century). The recording was attended by Marek Piekarczyk (TSA) – the vocalist who permanently inscribed in the history of Polish rock and roll.

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