A number of mature musical compositions were created in the home recording studio of teenaged Dominik Kozicki. By a lucky chance, these recordings found their way to the Musical Studio of Radio Rzeszów in 2004. A demo record titled “The Windows of Time”, including his manifesto, illustrative electronic music, was recorded in this Studio during a session lasting a few days. After several dozen months Dominik went to a recording studio again, but this time to the studio of the MERKURY Radio in Poznań, where some recordings were created on the basis of his demo record, enriched by new sound and arrangement solutions. Cooperating with a sound producer, Joachim Krukowski, Dominik searched for, changed and supplemented to finally accept the musical material on 23rd June 2006. We offer this material to the listeners together with the album titled “The Windows of Time”. It contains nine songs, 40 minutes of music which is cohesive in its subject, and absorbs listeners' attention. It was called "undefined" by music journalist, Jerzy Kordowicz in his programme "El Trójka pod księżycem"; it sounds eclectic according to Elżbieta Lewicka, the author of the programme "Z polskiej sceny muzycznej" in Rzeszów Radio. The album is a mine of ideas and fascinating melodic pattern. There is no place for describing music. Everybody can do that after having listened to some fragments of the album at least.

At present the album is on sale.

Access to a wider range of electronic instruments database results in new compositions. In August 2010, again using the facilities of Radio MERKURY, Dominik records material for his new releases, that is the maxi-single entitled The Dawn, the album - The Windows of Time (based on the CD Okna Czasu) and the single W imię króla [In the Name of the King]  (released on the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald).  Their production was closed on 31 Dec. 2010. This is the official release date for those CDs for the Polish music market.

The Dawn was nominated in the WERBEL 2010 Poll organized by Polskie Radio Rzeszów S.A. as the best CD released last year by a performer from Podkarpackie.

The new maxi-singel The Dawn is now available for sale!

Works on the new video clip for the song Życie Nali from Domonic's album Okna Czasu were completed on the same day when the above CDs were released.  The video clip produced in cooperation with MASKA Theatre in Rzeszów contains fragments of the theatre performance entitled  Piękna i Bestia, directed by Andras Veres (Hungary) featuring the actress Jadwiga Domka. Interesting visual effects were provided by the stage design by Akos Matravolgyi (Hungary) and computer image processing by Monika Głogowska and Chris Bazan.

See the video clip TheLife of Nali

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