Newspaper MUZYK

This proposal of Dominik Kozicki, a percussionist playing also keyboard instruments, represents an example of successful return to the aesthetics of electronic music. In one’s time this current was very trendy in Poland but later, in the 1990s, it has lost popularity. Nine compositions — all of them by Dominik — placed on the disc represent a mood music referring to different classical and popular styles. One may even say that in some cases the pieces are simply instrumental songs realized by means of digital technology. But apart from compositions carrying an illustrative message, the listener will find also some strongly rhythmized, invoking the discotheque idiom. We deal here with an instrumental arrangement based on multi-plane situation of the musical matter. For that reason the music, despite its somewhat monotonous sonoristic expression, is not wearing but rather intriguing. Similarly, absence of virtuoso phrases constitutes one of chief assets of the record because that way the whole of the disc achieves the climate of peace and balance and clearly expresses its assumed character of reverie and reflection. On the technical side, the album (sound-produced by Joachim Krukowski) commands genuine respect. To sum up, this is a noteworthy item for followers of reasonable electronics.

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